Our mission is to create a recognizable urban system that attracts both locals and visitors to Queen Street, by creating a hub that will cater to diverse age groups while restoring the grass roots culture of authentic Scotland. The Belt connects the residential, market, town house, productions studios, small businesses, and leisure spaces together.  

The heart of “The Belt” is the “The Shed”, a protected outdoor all year round green space. Comprised of a custom “green skin” system, which allows the building to breath while filtering clean air into space, The Shed expands and retracts over an adjacent outdoor park adapting to all seasons. Its programmatic function is in providing a variety of uses ranging from cafe to amphitheater performance space.

Residential and business spaces are integrated to incentivise collaboration and creativity. Leisure spaces for different age groups are found along the belt, including skateboard parks, gardens, and performances of different sizes.     

Diagram 1-  existing Site.jpg
Diagram 2- Changes to existing Site.jpg
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