Collaborative Urban Path


Aberdeen City Council hosts, every summer and this year for the fifth time, architecture students from University of South of Florida, Robert Gordon University and International College Robert Gordon University for a summer workshop focused on urban and architecture challenges around the silver city.

The combination and confrontation between varied entities, the authorities and the institutions, is a  powerful tool to fill the discrepancy between these two  different work environments.


On one hand the students from the university have the occasion to work in a real professional context, asking the right questions to the right people in order to find urban design solutions for problematic issues present in a real context.

On the other hand, the council  has the occasion to participate to a more methodological and academic design approach that can highlight new urban opportunities through design projects of innovation.


The students design proposals are strategies in harmony with the cultural context, where enhancing and providing new architecture themes means working on relations and creating stronger gateway experience for people and tourists in order to improve the first image and impression of the city urbanity and the park.


The international character of this collaboration is the most powerful aspect and offers new points of view and different perspectives to approach local urban problems. The multiculturalism is the strongest way to generate cognitive contributions, reflections and prefiguration of a possible urban scenario that may define the future guidelines for the next city regenerations.

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